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How to set TA alerts

Learn to use the new Technical Analysis (TA) alerts in Cryptowatch. TA alerts can signify key moments in a market independent of price or volume.

You can view, create or customize TA alerts on any market by opening the Alerts panel in the Utility Belt, found on the right-hand side of any Cryptowatch page.

To create a new TA alert from the Alerts panel, click the Create Alert button at the bottom of the panel or the + button at the top. Select TA from the options listed below the current market to create a TA alert:




Select whether the alert is for Price, Volume, or TA


Input the conditions required to trigger your alert. For volume alerts, you can also adjust the time period and choose between base and quote volume. SMA & EMA alerts require an interval, number of periods, and whether the cross is above or below the SMA.


Decide what type of alert is triggered when conditions are met.

SMA & EMA alerts

SMA (Simple Moving Average) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average) alerts will trigger when the price of the asset crosses above or below (determined by your selection) the SMA/EMA line calculated using the Interval and Periods inputs. Both SMA and EMA alert types use the same input criteria. The difference is in the underlying calculation of the moving average lines — EMA lines give more weight to current price data, while SMA lines are a basic averaging of prices across the same range.

For example, below is a Kraken BTC/USD hourly chart with a single SMA 50 line:

Kraken BTC/USD 1 hour (1H) chart featuring an SMA 50 line.

The price of BTC/USD in the image above is currently below the SMA 50 line.

You can choose how many SMA lines appear on your chart & the number of look-back periods for each one in the Analysis menu.

We can set an SMA alert to fire to when the price of BTC/USD crosses above the SMA 50 line:

This alert will fire when the price of BTCUSD on the Kraken exchange crosses above the 50 SMA line.

The alert programmed in the example image above will trigger when the Kraken BTC/USD price crosses above the SMA 50 line on a 1-hour (1H) chart. Here's a quick step-by-step guide for setting the above alert:

  1. Open the Alerts panel in the Utility Belt

  2. Click either the Create Alert button at the bottom or the + button at the top

  3. Select TA from the list of conditions

  4. For values, select Cross Above , an Interval of 1H (1 hour), and 50 Periods

  5. Choose the type of triggers you want (Browser, SMS, Email)

EMA alerts use the same input criteria as SMA alerts — if you would rather use an EMA alert, you can follow the instructions above, substituting EMA when you select the TA indicator type.