How to customize your watchlist

Stay current with specific markets by adding them to your global watchlist, a persistent ticker bar at the top of each Cryptowatch page.
The watchlist top-bar is always visible on Cryptowatch.
The global watchlist provides an at-a-glance view of your favorite markets at the top of every page on Cryptowatch. The exchange logo, asset pair, last-traded price and 24-hour change is displayed for each market you save to your watchlist.

The Watchlist Panel in the Utility Belt

Your watched markets appear along the top bar of any Cryptowatch page, as well as through the utility belt (found on the right-hand side of any page on Cryptowatch). Click the top icon in the utility belt to open your Watchlist:
The first icon in the Utility Belt opens the Watchlist panel.
You can use the watch list panel to quickly view all of your watched markets. In addition to this, you can:
  • Sort markets by Exchange or Asset
  • Add markets to the watchlist via the search bar
  • Click any watched market to navigate to its Chart page
  • Click any Asset name to navigate the Asset's overview page
  • Set an alert in any watched market (opens the Alerts panel in the Utility Belt)
  • Remove markets from the watch list
Click the button to the right of any watched market to open more options:

Reordering Your Watchlist

You can sort and modify the order of your watchlist markets by dragging the tri-bar icons on the left side of their row. You can reorder your utility belt watchlist by: exchange, asset, or a create completely custom order.
Reorder your watchlist by clicking and dragging the icon at the left side of the row.

Adding and Removing Markets

Select markets for your watchlist using the start icons.
To add markets to the watchlist, look for the
icon on any chart, the Markets page, and the Assets pages. To remove markets from the watchlist, just click the
icon again. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Markets page, and click the
at the top to bring your current watchlist markets to the top of the list.
You can also search for a specific market using the
icon found at the top of any Cryptowatch page.
Use the + icon to search for a specific market to favorite.
To add a market, simply click the
icon, input the market you wish to add, and select it.
To remove a market, click the
icon, input the market you wish to remove, and select it. When removing a market, you'll notice a strikethrough when hovering over it, referencing that it will be removed.

Viewing your Watchlist on the Markets Page

You can also view and compare markets on your watchlist from the Markets page.
Click the
next to the top of the Exchange column on the Markets page to move your watched markets to the top of the list.
You can filter he Exchanges page by your watched markets.

Saving your Watchlist

Your watchlist saves as a cookie in your browser so it will load the same way each time you open Cryptowatch. To keep your watchlist persist across devices and browsers, create a free account.