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Markets: Tracking market prices across exchanges

The markets page has at-a-glance, real-time information about each market on Cryptowatch. You can easily filter, find and compare markets here.

Meaningful moves can originate on a number of top exchanges. On the Markets page, traders can watch, in real-time, markets across many exchanges at once.

Cryptowatch delivers this data quickly and cleanly to your desktop, with minimal load on your computer.

The Markets page on Cryptowatch.

You can see an overview of all markets on Cryptowatch by clicking "Markets" in the top navigational banner. From here, markets are displayed as a list, with each row representing a market on an exchange. For example, the BTC/USD Perpetual Future Contract on BitMEX.

You can filter the list by exchanges, assets, and quotes as well as sort on any of the columns. To see all the available columns, expand the width of your window further.

How to sort and filter markets

Filter markets by exchange, asset and quote currencies.

The Markets view provides three filter criteria:

  • Exchanges: See only markets listed on certain exchanges, such as Kraken, Coinbase, or Binance

  • Assets: See only markets for a given asset, such as markets where BTC is the asset (like BTC/USD, but not ETH/BTC).

  • Quotes: See only markets where a given asset is the quote for the market, such as markets that trade against ETH (like GNT/ETH, but not ETH/USD).

You can also sort by any of the columns once filtered. Clicking the ★ icon will bring your watchlist markets to the top of the list.

Adding a new market to your watchlist is as simple as clicking the ★ icon in the row for that market.

How to customize the Markets page settings

Changing settings on the Markets page

The Markets page also features a unique settings menu, offering additional customization options.

Click the settings cog wheelin the upper-right corner to open this menu.

Settings options:

Settings Option


Market Types

Filter by Spot or Futures markets to exclude/include these types of markets. Spot markets are where one asset is directly traded for another. Futures markets involve contracts for future delivery of the asset.

Price Meter

Indicates whether the length of the price meter in the 24H High/Low column should reflect the volatility of the market.

Additional data

Add an additional column to display the price of each market in an alternative currency, such as another fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Fill Sparklines

Shades in the sparklines in the 24H Chart column.

Throttle Refresh

Adjust how quickly market information is updated on the page. A higher value means the page updates less frequently, and will consume less CPU resources from your computer.