Correlations: Asset price trends over time

Cryptowatch's unique Correlations tool makes finding trading opportunities simple by analyzing asset correlations.
The Cryptowatch Correlations tool is unique in the crypto space today. This tool compares assets, delivering insights on how their prices move together or apart.
The Correlations page shows the relationship between different assets' price action.
Add or remove assets from the table by selecting/deselecting them from the scrollbar on the left.
You can add a number of assets to the table to see how their price action correlates over time. You can select periods of either 24h, 7d, 30d, or 1year.
The background of each cell in the Correlations page displays the rolling correlation between two assets over time.
Asset correlations are measured between -1 and 1.
What it means
-1 (red)
Perfectly negative correlation. When one asset goes up, the other goes down.
+1 (green)
Perfectly positive correlation. When one asset goes up, so does the other.
We also display the confidence interval for that correlation figure — the interval in which the true correlation coefficient is located with 95% probability.
Confidence Interval
What it means
Green bar above dashed line
Indicates a statistically significant positive correlation
Red bar below dashed line
Indicates a statistically significant negative correlation
Bar rests on dashed line
Non-significant correlation