Chat with traders

Talk smack (or just talk) with fellow Cryptowatch traders with the Chat panel. Who knows, you might even learn something!
Chat is here to connect you with other traders in the community, whether to share trading ideas or just whatever is on your mind. Chat access is included with every free Cryptowatch account. To start, open the Chat panel from the Utility Belt on the right side of the screen.
Hit Ctrl +' (Cmd +' on a Mac) to open and close the chat window.

How do I join the chat?

Chat is open to anyone with a Cryptowatch account. Sign in or create an account, then open the Chat panel and choose a username — but choose carefully, your username is permanent.
Yes — your username is permanent.

Changing chat rooms

The Chat panel has a number of rooms based on topic and language. Click the room name in the top left (where it says "General" in the image below) to open a drop down of available rooms:

What’s not allowed?

We trust you, but our developers made us put a few rules in here anyway:
  • Messages can be up to 300 characters in length. Character countdown is shown on the right in the message box.
  • Messages will be throttled to 1 per second per user.
  • You can’t change your username
  • Bad behavior will result in bans
  • No advertising or solicitations
  • No personal attacks, racial slurs, or harassment. Don’t be an asshole.
Moderators can be spotted by the ‘M’ before their name.

What can I do with chat?

Share your market opinions, life thoughts and rekt positions. As long as you keep your chats civil, we’ll let you keep opining to the Cryptowatch community. We’re counting on you to help us make this a thriving place to hang out. Drop some emojis, get help with the slash command /help, and shoot the shit(coins).

Muting Users

Hovering your cursor over a message in chat reveals an in-line menu icon on the right-hand side. Clicking the icon reveals the option to mute. Muting a user only hides their messages from you — other traders using chat can still see their messages.
Hover over a message to reveal the options menu on the right-hand side.

How to use the infobot

The infobot can be used to call price information for any asset found on Cryptowatch.
How to use the !info Command
Type !info and an asset to call up a description, price and link to further information for that asset. !info calls may not yield information for obscure assets.
Example: !info BTC
How to use the !price Command
Type !price then the asset or asset pair in the General chat room. Price commands default to Kraken markets — if the assets or trading pairs you search are not listed on Kraken, you must specify the exchange as well. See the examples below:
Command example
Calls the current BTC/USD price on Kraken
!price BTC
Calls the price of the asset — must be listed on Kraken
!price BTC USD !price BTC/USD
Calls the price of the asset pair — must be listed on Kraken
!price BTC USD Kraken !price BTC/USD Kraken
Calls the price of the asset pair specified by market
!price help
Lists possible !price infobot calls

How to share chart screenshots

Need to prove a point? You can share your analysis with other traders using the Share button in the top-right of the price chart window. All of your overlays and drawings are saved in the snapshot:
Click the share button above the Chart area to take a snapshot.

How to share custom themes

Did you create a cool theme? You can share it with everyone in the Chat with a few clicks. Everyone in the chat box has the option to copy that theme to their clipboard, or apply it instantly.
Open the settings menu
in the top-right of the page. In the Theme section, select the theme you want to share and click copy. This one is called "mechwarrior":
Maybe it should be called "ketchup and mustard".
Clicking "copy" adds the hex values for the colors in your theme to your clipboard:
Find the codes for your theme in the settings menu, top-right of the page.
Paste the codes in the chat box and hit send. You will see something similar to this:

Chat Settings Menu

Chat settings can be adjusted by clicking the gear icon in the top-right of the Chat panel.
Enables/disables timestamps on chat messages.
Sound Notifications
Enables/disables sound notifications for new messages.
Font Size
Adjusts the size of chat text — small, medium or large font.
Show URL previews by default
Enables/Disables unfurling of URL's in chat messages.
Manage Muted Users
Opens a window for managing the mute status of any muted users.