Setting up Cryptowatch
Extensibility and Community

Cryptowatch Desktop Hotkeys

This page lists all available hotkeys for Cryptowatch Desktop.

The Mod key is Cmd on a Mac, Ctrl for other operating systems (eg. Windows, Linux).

Global Hotkeys

These commands affect the overall view on Cryptowatch Desktop.




Refresh theme from server (matches your account's theme on


Close the sidebar


Enter Fullscreen (ctrl + F11 on Mac)

Mod + +

Increase global draw scale

Mod + -

Decrease global draw scale (cannot decrease below 100%)

Mod + 0

Reset global draw scale to 100%

All Modules

These commands affect any module on Cryptowatch Desktop:



Mod + C

Copy selected module

Mod + V

Paste into selected module

Mod + Shift + V

Paste copied market only

Mod + Alt + V

Paste copied module settings only

Mod + E

Edit selected module in sidebar

Mod + H

Split selected module horizontally

Mod + J

Split selected module vertically

Mod + D

Delete selected module

Mod + U

Equalizes module splits

When using Mod + U to equalize splits, know that modules will not be distributed across the entire dashboard space. They will equalize to the portion that they were split from. For example: if the dashboard is split in half, then one of those halves is split into 2 modules, the equalization hotkey will change the distribution of space to 50% for the first module, then 25% and 25% for the next two.

Chart Module

Click on any Candle Chart module to use the following commands.




Zoom in on chart


Zoom out on chart

Mod + Up

Increase the chart candle interval to the next, longer interval. Eg: the next longer interval from 3-minute (3M) is 5-minute (5M).

Mod + Down

Decrease the candle interval to the next, shorter interval. Eg: the next shorter interval from 1-week (1W) is 3-day (3D).

Scroll-Wheel Up

Increase candle width (zooming in)

Scroll-Wheel Down

Decrease candle width (zooming out)