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Use this guide to connect your account to Cryptowatch. Learn how to connect, find markets, and trade on via Cryptowatch.
If you have accounts on multiple exchanges, you can connect and manage them all on Cryptowatch.
You can connect your exchange accounts by generating API keys on the exchange site, then plugging those keys into Cryptowatch’s Exchange Keys page. See this article for some tips on API key security, if you haven’t already.

Trading on with Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch offers a variety of tools that can enhance your trading on

Connecting your Account to Cryptowatch

In Cryptowatch, click the profile icon in the top-right of the screen to open the account menu and navigate to the Exchange Keys page:
Find the Exchange Keys link in your Account menu, in the top-right of any Cryptowatch page.
The Exchange Keys page is where you can plug in API keys from trading- and portfolio-enabled exchanges into Cryptowatch:
The Exchange Keys page is used to connect your exchange accounts to Cryptowatch.
Cryptowatch connects to your exchange accounts using the public and private keys generated by the exchange. API keys generally come in pairs — one public key, and one private (like a crypto wallet). As you will see soon, these keys can be set up to allow or disallow different actions.

Open your account to generate new API keys.

You open in another window and sign in, or click the Generate Key Here button in the square on the Exchange Keys page. Enter your credentials on the login screen to begin creating a new API key.
Alternatively, you can reach the API Management page on by clicking you profile icon in the top right of the page, then selecting API Management.

Enter a label for your API key and click the “Create new key” button.

It helps to give your key a label relevant to its purpose — like “Cryptowatch”.
When you click Create will prompt you to enter your Google Authenticator 2FA code. When the code is received will send you an email with an activation link.
Open your email account and find’s confirmation email. Open it and click the orange Confirm API Key Creation button in the center. If the button fails, you can use the direct link provided just below it.

Set the API Key Permissions

The button & link will take you to the API List page on your account. The settings required to enable trading through Cryptowatch are as follows:
Under API restrictions, enable:
  • Can read
  • Enable Spot & Margin Trading
Make sure Enable Withdrawals is disabled. You cannot withdraw funds via Cryptowatch, so enabling this function poses a security risk to your account.
Do not enable IP Access Restriction — this feature is currently unsupported by Cryptowatch.
Your API key permissions should look like this:
Keep in mind: your API Key, Secret Key and QR Code will not be blurred like they appear in the image above.
If you need to adjust any of the restriction settings, click the Edit restrictions button in the top-right of the window. Once your changes are made, click the Save button in the same location. will prompt you to enter your Google Authenticator code once more to confirm the changes.
Now that you have your keys, click the Copy button next to the first (topmost) API Key to copy it to your clipboard. Open your Cryptowatch tab, still on the Exchange Keys page, and paste it into the top field in the square (labeled API Key).
Do not save or “back up” your API keys. If you need to reconnect Cryptowatch to an exchange for any reason, delete the old key and generate a new one from the exchange.=
Your key will not be blurred like it is in the image above. Return to your tab and copy the Secret Key to your clipboard. This one lacks a Copy button, so highlight the entire key and right-click, then select Copy. Alternatively, click Ctrl + C or Command + C (on a Mac) to copy the Secret Key.
Return to the Exchange Keys page on the Cryptowatch tab and enter the Secret Key into the second field (labeled API secret). When you do, Cryptowatch will automatically connect to your account. If the connection fails, you may need to generate a new API key from and try again.
Make sure to delete the failed API key if this happens to you.
If you received an Invalid Key, Unprivileged Key, Key Not Exclusive, or Unhandled error, visit the How to connect exchange accounts to Cryptowatch article for troubleshooting tips
Now you can place and cancel orders and manage your portfolio on Cryptowatch. If you’re new to Cryptowatch, try following the Onboarding guide to get acquainted with the interface. Markets

Now you can use Cryptowatch to trade on markets!
A good way to get started is to visit the Markets page, then filter the list by exchange. Click the Exchanges drop-down list on the left and select Alternatively, type “” in the search bar to narrow the exchange list down.
This will filter the list to show markets only. If you want to view markets for a specific asset, use the Asset’s drop-down list to filter the results even further. Clicking any market here will open that market in the trading terminal.
You can select multiple assets on the Markets page to quickly compare markets. on Cryptowatch traders can use Cryptowatch’s advanced charts to trade and perform technical analysis as well as track their funds alongside any other exchange accounts on the Portfolio page.
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Cryptowatch’s alerts function is a favorite among traders as well. Check out these articles to learn how to set alerts for price, volume, and order fills: