How to trade on KuCoin

Use this guide to connect your Kucoin account to Cryptowatch. Learn how to connect, find KuCoin markets, and trade on KuCoin via Cryptowatch.
If you have accounts on multiple exchanges, you can connect and manage them all on Cryptowatch.
You can connect your exchange accounts by generating API keys on the exchange site, then plugging those keys into Cryptowatch’s Exchange Keys page. See this article for some tips on API key security, if you haven’t already.

Trading on KuCoin with Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch offers a lot of tools that can enhance your trading on KuCoin. You can:

Connecting your KuCoin Account to Cryptowatch

Before we do anything, you will need at least a KYC1 KuCoin account. You can sign and verify your account at
In Cryptowatch, click the profile icon in the top-right corner, then select Exchange Keys from the menu:
Find the Exchange Keys in your Account menu, in the top-right of any Cryptowatch page
The Exchange Keys page is where you can plug in API keys from trading- and portfolio-enabled exchanges into Cryptowatch:
The Exchange Keys page is used to connect your exchange accounts to Cryptowatch.
Cryptowatch connects to your exchange accounts using the public and private keys generated by the exchange. API keys generally come in pairs — one public key, and one private (like a crypto wallet). As you will see soon, these keys can be set up to allow or disallow different actions.

Open in another tab to start creating new API keys.

Click your profile menu in the top-right of the page, and select User Profile > API Management:
This will take you to the KuCoin API Management page:
Click the green Create API button in the top-left corner to start setting up your API key.

Next, choose a name, passphrase and set the permissions granted to your API key.

You can set your permissions like this:
To trade via Cryptowatch you will need to check the Trade box so that you can send and cancel orders.
We strongly recommend against permitting transfer actions to the API key. These actions cannot be performed on Cryptowatch and expose you to unnecessary risk.
Make sure you save your Passphrase somewhere (we recommend a secure Password Manager) before continuing. You’ll need it later. When you’re ready, click the Next button.

Security Verification

This screen asks you for a Trading Password. You should have already created this password, but if you don’t have it on hand, it can be changed in the Security Settings tab. This is a different password than the API Passphrase you just created.
Otherwise, input your Trading Password and press the green Confirm button to continue:

Email verification

You should get an email from KuCoin asking you to verify API creation. Click the green ‘Activate API’ button in the email to continue. It should direct you to the KuCoin site and display a pop up with the Key and Secret.
Note - Do not close this popup before you add the key to Cryptowatch:

Save the public and private keys in Cryptowatch.

If the key generates successfully you will see a pop up with the API Key and Secret. If there was an issue, you will need to start over by generating a new key.
These strings of letters, numbers and symbols are your Public and Private keys. Copy the topmost “API Key” and paste it into the API Key field back on the Cryptowatch Exchange Keys page.
Copy the code labeled “Secret” and paste it into the “API Secret” field on the Cryptowatch Exchange Keys page. Finally, enter your Key Passphrase that you created earlier.
Cryptowatch will automatically connect to your KuCoin account once the keys and Passphrase are entered. You can find the Exchange Keys page again by clicking My Account in the top-right of any page on Cryptowatch, then selecting Exchange Keys.
A successful connection will change the box’s color and hide the key information, like below.
If you received an Invalid Key, Unprivileged Key, Key Not Exclusive, or Unhandled error, visit the How to connect exchange accounts article for troubleshooting tips.
Success! Now you can place and cancel orders and manage your KuCoin portfolio on Cryptowatch. If you’re new to Cryptowatch, try following the Onboarding guide to get acquainted with the interface.

KuCoin Markets

Now you can use Cryptowatch to trade on KuCoin markets!
A good way to get started is to visit the Markets page, then filter the list by exchange. Click the Exchanges drop-down list on the left and select KuCoin. Alternatively, type “KuCoin” in the search bar to narrow the exchange list down.
Now you will only see KuCoin markets listed. If you want to view markets for a specific asset, use the Assets drop-down list to filter the results even further. Clicking any market here will open that market in the trading terminal.
You can select multiple assets on the Markets page to quickly compare markets.

KuCoin on Cryptowatch

KuCoin traders can use Cryptowatch’s advanced charts to trade and perform technical analysis as well as track their funds alongside any other exchange accounts on the Portfolio page.
Check out these articles to learn more about trading and analysis on the Charts page:
These articles demonstrate the Portfolio page:
Cryptowatch’s alerts function is a favorite among traders as well. Check out these articles to learn how to set alerts for price, volume, and order fills: