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How to export trade history

Download a ledger of your transaction history in the History Export tab. Useful for tax purposes, or performing your own trade analysis.

Tax reporting, trade analysis, value at risk (VaR) calculations — all of these require a complete trading ledger to work.

A history export does not indicate tax liability. It is recommended to consult with an accountant whenever filing taxes.

To export your transaction history, go to the History Export tab of Portfolio page. For the export to work, your exchange API keys require the following permissions:

  1. Export Data

  2. Query Funds

  3. Query Open Orders & Trades

  4. Query Closed Orders & Trades

  5. Query Ledger Entries

For exchange-specific directions on connecting to Cryptowatch with API keys, please see Account > Exchange Keys

Each export may take 24 hours to process. When the file is ready, you can download a CSV of the data with the following fields.

History Export CSV Fields



The timestamp of the action, in UTC time


The exchange name


Type of transaction: fee, income, deposit, withdrawal, buy, sell


The asset involved in the transaction


The short-form name of the asset


The quantity of the transaction, in terms of the asset


The total amount of the transaction, in terms of the quote currency at the time of the transaction.


A transaction ID assigned by the exchange


Occasionally contains notes about the transaction