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Managing open orders and positions with Portfolio

View, modify, and cancel open positions and orders across multiple exchanges from the Portfolio tool.

Manage Open Orders across Exchanges

In the Orders tab of Portfolio you can see all open orders for the trading-enabled exchanges you have connected to Cryptowatch. The bar above your orders list shows you how close they are to filling. As your order moves inward to the Fill line, the closer the market is to your order's price.

From here, you can cancel any order with the Cancel button or click View chart to go to the chart and modify the order.

Viewing order details and cancelling an order from the Portfolio page.

The orders table provides basic information about your pending orders (such as the order type, exchange, etc.) as well as some comprehensive data that gives extra insight into your orders. From this screen you can easily track how close the market is to your order price in the % to Market column, and exactly how much of your order as filled once it has begun to execute in the Fill % column.

Manage Open Positions across Exchanges

On some exchanges (like Kraken) you can open long or short positions using margin on many asset pairs.

You can see the overall status of all your open positions in real-time at the top of the Portfolio page. All open positions are combined into your Unrealized P/L.

Go to the positions tab in your Portfolio to view your open positions across all trading-enabled exchanges you have connected to Cryptowatch. From here, you can see a live Profit and Loss percentage for each position.

You can see your position values here in USD, making it easier to discern each by value.

Click any position to go to that market's chart to modify or close the position.