Setting up Cryptowatch
Extensibility and Community

Viewing your aggregated portfolio balance

See and track your balances in one place by connecting your exchanges accounts to Cryptowatch. All balances are differentiated by exchange.

You can see your entire portfolio balance aggregated across exchanges within Portfolio (once you've connected your exchanges to Cryptowatch by entering your API keys for each exchange).

On Kraken Futures — only the funds in your Holding wallet are included in your Portfolio balances.

Your holdings are summed in the topmost figure (which reads 796.85 in the image above). You can change the currency your summed account holdings are displayed in with the currency selector just to the left of the numeric figure.

See your balances grouped by Asset or Exchange using the buttons below the Portfolio tabs. Toggle between the pie chart and list views with the button on the right side, below the + Add Exchange button.

View your holdings as a list, or pie chart. You can sort your holdings by Asset and Exchange.