Setting custom themes

Further customize the look and feel of Cryptowatch with individual custom themes — make small adjustments or overhaul the whole look.
To change your theme on Cryptowatch Desktop, you'll need to sign in to the Web platform using your account, and use the theme switcher as explained below. Then, press Ron Desktop to refresh the theme there.

Switch Between Light and Dark Mode

You can quickly switch from a light theme to a dark one by clicking the Theme panel toggle switch in the top-right of every Cryptowatch page. Light/Dark mode toggling is only available when Cryptowatch is set to the Standard theme.
We've compiled a gallery of user-generated custom themes on — you can pick out something you like, or use it as inspiration for your own custom themes.
Check out a gallery of user-generated Cryptowatch themes on
  • Click on the theme you want to add
  • Copy the entire string in the "Code" section
  • Click "Edit" in the themes menu on Cryptowatch
  • Paste the string and click "Apply"
  • Click "Save theme"
Copy the string in the Code row and paste it into the theme editor to create a new theme.

How to Create a Custom Theme

Click the arrow in the Theme panel area to expand the Theme panel:
Expand the Theme panel by clicking the arrow next to the Light/Dark mode toggle switch.
From there, choose your color options for 7 of the primary functions of the site (e.g. up and down candles). Click the color box to bring up a color wheel you can play with, or enter the color's the hexadecimal code if you know it. You don't need to be a designer to make a great theme — the color tool will suggest complementary colors to your first color selection.
Clicking on the candle icon next to the "up" and "down" colors will toggle filled or unfilled candles on the price chart.
Clicking a color box will open a color wheel where you can select colors then apply them, reset it to the color that was set when you opened the wheel, or cancel altogether.

How do I edit and name a custom theme?

Click the pencil icon to the right of the theme name to edit it. If the beginning theme is a preset theme, a new theme is created. If the beginning theme is a custom theme, this action will rename the existing custom theme. Theme names can be up to 25 characters in length.
Click the color boxes while a custom theme is selected to edit the colors of that custom theme.
Use the pencil icon next to the theme name to rename it.

How do I delete a custom theme?

Custom themes can be deleted by first selecting the theme you want to delete, then clicking the Delete button in the lower right corner of the Theme panel. Preset themes cannot be edited or deleted.