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Erasing chart drawings
Learn how to erase your beautiful chart-art — remove mistakes, move on to the next trend, or simply clean up so you can see the candles.
You can erase chart drawings by right-clicking on the chart area itself and selecting an option from the context menu:
Hide Drawings
Drawings are preserved but hidden until manually unhidden.
Remove Last Drawing
(Hotkey: Shift + Right Click) Deletes the last drawing made.
Remove Analysis
Removes all indicators and overlays from the chart.

To remove a specific drawing:

    Select any drawing tool
    Hover your mouse over that drawing's white circle
    Right click and select Remove this Drawingfrom the menu.

To show hidden drawings:

    Right-click the chart area
    Select Show Hidden Drawings
    Click the eye-icon
    in the drawing tools sidebar, adjacent to the y-axis.

To erase all drawings:

    Click the Drawing Menu icon above the price chart
    Select Clear drawing
Erase all drawings via the Drawing Menu above the price chart.

Erasing Chart Drawings on Mobile

To erase all chart drawings on mobile:
1. Shake your device like an Etch A Sketch. Please note this is not supported on all browsers.
2. Rotate your device until it is horizontal (i.e. in landscape mode) and select the Clear drawing button, found under the Drawing Settings menu.
It's not yet possible to delete individual chart drawings on mobile.
Last modified 8mo ago