How to paste Tweets on charts

Paste tweets directly to any chart, combining social impacts with price analysis.
Cryptowatch lets you take any tweets you like and paste them directly onto your chart.
To paste a tweet:
  • Copy the URL of the individual tweet you want to paste
  • Flip to your Cryptowatch Charts page
  • Use your paste hotkeys (CTRL + V on Windows, Command + V on Mac) to paste the tweet
The tweet will automatically paste to the correct time on the Chart’s x-axis.
You can move where the tweet appears by clicking the top of the tweet bubble and dragging to a new location. However, you cannot change which chandle the tweet points to - this is set via the Twitter API so that tweets are verifiably pointing to the same candle they were published during.
Tweets with images/video will omit the media and paste the text only.
To remove a tweet, right-click it and select Remove this drawing (tweet).
Here’s how to do it in pictures:
Step 1: Find a nice tweet.
Step 2: Copy the URL (in the address bar). Make sure https:// is included when you copy.
Step 3: Go to a Cryptowatch chart, click on the price chart area and paste (ctrl+V on Windows, Command+V on Mac).
To remove the tweet, right-click it and select “Remove This Drawing (Tweet)”.