Setting up Cryptowatch
Extensibility and Community

Trade settings menu and sync button

Use this settings menu to speed up your trading and display open positions differently. You can find it in the top-right of the trading form.
Left image — the settings menu is in the top-right of the trading form.

Click the in the bottom-left of the trading panel to open the Trading Preferences menu. The Trading Preferences menu offers additional options for customizing your Cryptowatch experience.


Settings Option


Skip order confirmations

When this setting is enabled, the order confirmation screen no longer appears. The order will be submitted as soon as you hit Buy or Sell.

Clear form after sending order

By default, all the inputs in the trading form clear after submitting an order. Disabling this setting will keep the inputs the same after order submission.

Combine margin positions

When enabled, all positions on the same side (long/short) are displayed as a single, averaged out position.

Show fill notifications

When enabled, a browser notification pop-up appears when an order is filled, displaying the details of the order.

Validate inputs client-side

When disabled, all inputs are no longer validated by the system, bypassing the following enforcements:

  • minimum order amount value

  • non-zero order amount and price value

  • maximum order amount and price precision


Bulk operations: Displays the number of open orders for the specific market and lets you cancel all open orders with a single button.

Quickly cancel all orders in the current market from the Bulk Operations section.

How to refresh exchange connections with the Sync button

The sync button forces Cryptowatch to re-establish its connection to your exchange account. The sync button can resolve most visual errors you might experience in regard to your account information.